3 Steps to Finally Getting Rid of That Negative Inner Voice

We all have it-that horrible negative voice that blares in the back of our minds like a blown speaker.  No matter how skilled we are with positive thinking, it will visit us from time to time.  If you are just starting out with manifestation and the Law of Attraction, that negative voice will try to suck all the positivity from you and ruin your chances of manifesting from the start.

How do you stop it?!  And how on earth can anyone get anything accomplished while that voice telling us we can’t do it?

Here are a couple of tips that have helped me as well as many others quite that voice when we needed peace and positivity:

  • Reprogram and reboot.  Every doubt and every fear you have related to your success was installed into your mind by someone or some situation.  You weren’t born that way!  If it can be installed, it can be uninstalled.  How about installing ‘programming’ that will serve you positively?
    • Start with affirmations that you have no difficulties in believing.  “Today will be a great day and tomorrow will be even better.”  Or “Today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be even better than today.”  Remember that it takes 25-30 days for the mind to reboot, so work on the affirmations everyday for at least 25-days straight.
    • As you go on growing and feeling better and stronger, you can use other people as an example.  “If they can do it, I certainly can!”
  • Remember that you control how a comment or situation effects you-YOU.  If someone cuts you off in traffic, can they make you feel angry?  Of course not.  Only you are in control of that.  Is it worth your time and energy to be upset with them?  Is it worth your relationships to go home and take out your anger on the family or pets?  Don’t let that one thing ruin your day.  Let it go and move on with your life.  You have better things to think about (hello… like manifesting!).
  • Think of something else.  That’s right.  Just like a TV channel, you can change your thoughts from something you don’t like to something that you enjoy.  If you find that you are thinking about a bad memory from the past, something that someone said (like ‘you’ll never have that!’), or the lack of manifesting, simply think of something that makes you happy instead.  Remember that cute puppy that your sister has or visualize how great it will be when you reach your goal!

A negative inner voice can be a dream killer… if you let it.

I suffered from this for a very long time.  I doubted myself and was in a very crappy marriage (the inner voice told me I couldn’t do any better!).  When I sat down and thought about all that was making me unhappy, I realized they were all things I could control IF I reprogrammed myself.

So for six-months straight, I reprogrammed.  I went from being jobless, broke, and in an unhappy marriage to making 6k per month and happy on my own in that short time frame!  So come on… I know if I can do it, you certainly can!  You just have to believe you can.

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