Are there any books about hiring a CEO to run new startup tech company – question from Quora


Are there any books all about hiring a CEO and team to run your new startup tech company?

My Answer:

There don’t appear to be any books on that particular and specific topic, but the internet is a fantastic source of information (once you weed through all the minutia!)

Look, who knows your business better than you do? No one. It is a good guess that you know exactly the qualities you are seeking in a CEO. Perhaps they are a reasonable clone of yourself. If not, you may know the qualities that the CEO must have that you lack so as to compliment your skills. The people you hire do not have to fit into any predetermined box set out by the norms of HR. They are your employee… get the person with the skills you know that fits.

Locating and hiring on a Chief Executive Officer for a tech company is probably the hardest part of team building that you’ll face. However, I’m pretty sure that once you find someone that fits the bill, they’ll have suggestions and recommendations as to building the team. In fact, that CEO may have connections to help hire on rather quickly.

Just remember, you know better than anyone what needs are currently being met… and which aren’t. Find the people that fill the needs, not fit the mold.

Good luck!

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