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How do I improve upon my interviewing skills?

My Answer:

You can improve upon your interview skills by doing research on the company you’re applying to work with. When you know about the company (its history, the CEO, the management team, and the products/services), it will allow you to ask questions.

One great tip I have is to think about the interview as a sales call. (You are selling your job skills, after all). When you look at it in that way, it’s easier to see what needs to be done. Why? All you have to do is look at what great sales people do in the sales process… ASK QUESTIONS. When you are asking questions, you are not only showing you’ve done your research on the company, but leading the conversation. In doing this, you show a genuine interest in the position (a step most interviewees will not take!) Asking questions can also expose pain points of the interviewer (the reason they are hiring in the first place). If you do discover a pain point, you can tell the interviewer how you can relieve that stress.

Now, if you are nervous or get anxious during an interview, a trick to calming down or at least presenting a calm facade is to think about a person that you respect that you know would handle things in a calm fashion. How do you think they’d act in an interview? How is their body positioned? What is their expression? Now, pretend that you have their confidence and strength and imitate that composure.

I hope that helps and good luck!


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