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LOA Secret: The sneaky way to get your significant other to believe in the Law of Attraction too!

It doesn’t matter how many times you explain a concept like the Law of Attraction to your significant other if they are the sort of person that needs proof or need scientific evidence to back up claims.  I know the feeling.  Jimmy thought it was a bunch of hippy nonsense cooked up by minds on too much LSD.  If he couldn’t make logical sense of it (or anything else for that matter) then it must be a bunch of crap.

How many of you are in this boat too?  You know it’s real.  You know it works.  So why don’t THEY believe?

Over time, I have found the one key to getting those types of people to understand that the Law is real and it does work.  What is the secret?  Well… it’s not really a secret, but it can be sort of sneaky as it is something I learned in business.  Here it is… you get them to think it was their idea.  I’m sorry, come again?  Yes, it’s really as simple or as difficult as that sounds.

  • First things first.  How many things have you manifested?  It doesn’t matter if they are things that they knew you were trying to manifest or not, just as long as you have a few things under your belt.  If you don’t have so many things, manifest several things but keep it on the down-low.  Why?  The more you can manifest with the Law of Attraction without the pressures from them, the better.  You build up some confidence in your abilities.  Then when you are working your magic, their anti-magic (yes, their power of belief will by working against you!) won’t hamper your manifesting.

I bet you didn’t know that they use the Law of Attraction all of the time, did you?  They do, but it’s to get more of what they’ve been getting, not what they are wanting.  They expect you NOT to manifest and they believe it HARD.  So you must have some skills and some strong belief before you tackle proving them wrong!

  • Once you’ve built your skills, it’s time to get them to open their minds a little.  AND you must start small with them!  Don’t convince them to manifest something big… let them ‘give it a shot’ with something small, like seeing a butterfly on the way to work, or finding an exotic foreign coin on the sidewalk.  The tricky part here is to make them think giving the Law of Attraction a shot is THEIR idea.  (Here’s a great article on Life Hacker on doing just that!
  • Get them to be really specific.  Per the coin example, getting them to specify that the coin is from Asia would be specific.  Or, if they want flowers, what type?  Cut or potted?  What color?  The more specific it is, the less wiggle room they have to say it was just coincidence.
  • Give them a time frame.  The faster they can manifest, the better.  I always say give them 24-hours to achieve their desired outcome.  So, if they ask for something pretty different and they get it within 24-hours… it’s a pretty big proof to them!

Just remember that all it takes is one manifestation… JUST ONE that will open their eyes to the possibilities that surround them!



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