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One HUGE problem with “The Secret” and how to make it work… really!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen The Secret so many times you can almost recite the movie on your own.  It was a great and uplifting movie to be sure!  The thing is… they didn’t get it right.  Well, that’s not correct.  They didn’t get it ALL.

After watching the movie, did you set out to manifest only to find that nothing happened?  You wouldn’t be alone.  The problem there is that once this happens, people start to question if the LOA is a real thing or just some made-up magic crystal nonsense.  Just because the movie left out one very important thing, people are now skeptics.  They no longer believe in the power of their thoughts and words.

One of my big goals in life is to help people, adults and kids, learn and use the law of attraction.  So when I saw that people were failing and scoffing at manifesting, I wanted to help them get back on the right track!  I have never seen the LOA as some weird, mystic thing but a birth right.  There’s nothing strange or magical about it.  Things manifest because they have no choice!

Do you want to learn that one thing that’s been missing all along?  That one thing that will propel you to your desires faster than ever?  Ugh, alright.  I suppose I’ll share it… 🙂


Yep, that’s right.  Emotion was THE missing element from The Secret.  Wait, what do you mean, you ask?  They go into great detail about asking, visualizing, and having patience and faith… but they don’t talk about the power of your emotions in all of this.

How to apply emotion to manifesting

Whether visualizing or just going about your day, you must FEEL as if your desire is already yours.  At any moment, it could appear before you… do you feel like it?  When you are visualizing being a great pianist, do you allow yourself to feel the joy and pride when you see yourself playing a classic piece of music?  Can you smell the rich new leather of that Bentley?  How about when you look at your bank account and see that desired sum of money staring back at you?  What do you feel then?  Wash yourself in emotion and dwell on them.  Feel as if that one thing has already manifested into your life.

If you add this to your daily routine to manifesting, you will start to see results faster than you imagined possible.  Give it a shot.  Add some feeling into your visualizing and your affirmations.  Feelings will make it that much more real… and you’ll reach your goals before you know it.  🙂

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