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Revealed: How to land companion of your dreams!

Love.  For many, it’s an uphill battle.  Psycho after psycho, and loser after loser.  This was the case for me as well.  After my second marriage ended in disaster, I decided that I needed to change something.  I had to be doing something wrong to attract all of the idiots to me, right?

This was about the time I started work with the law of attraction.  I made up my mind that I would manifest the right guy, finally!

Honestly, I wasn’t sure it would work.  I mean, would writing a list down of all the qualities I wanted in a guy just make him appear?

Regardless of my doubts, I set a goal of a month.  I read and re-read my list every day and imagined how I would feel with this person.  I couldn’t see his face just yet but I could feel how much fun we’d have together.  A month can and went.  No dream guy.

I continued on anyway.  I lived in a very small town in east Texas at the time… and I wasn’t really in town.  I was about 15 minutes away from town.  I lived in the boonies in a small cabin with my two dogs.  I figured that maybe the manifestation fairy needed a little more time to bring my dream man to bfe.

Around the two month mark, I’d met several guys… but they were all lacking something so I knew they weren’t it.  So I continued on, slightly less confident than I was when I started out.  However, right at the two month mark, I met a fantastic guy that was everything I’d put down on my list!  That was in 2015.  Jimmy and I are still together and happier than ever!

So, here’s the question for you.  Do you know someone you think is the right person for you?  A lot of people come to me and ask what to do if they know the person.  Either way, the steps that you need to follow are the exact same.  I recommend a bit of visualization and affirmation work. The two in combination will help you to manifest so much faster! (These are the steps I took and attracted my ‘one’ within two months time!)

  • Know what you want. Can you describe this person in great detail? What are their characteristics? What do they like? What features do want in them? Be as specific as possible. (I made a list that included characteristics from “kind to his mother”, and “has dimples”.)
  • Visualize. Take time, from 15–30 minutes, per day and find a quite place to close your eyes and visualize this person. But don’t just see them with your minds eye-be interacting with them. Imagine spending time with them. Focus on how you feel and really dwell on that feeling!
  • Affirm. Read and re-read your list of qualities at least twice per day until you meet this person. If you are asking for a person you already know, make sure that your affirmation is like the following:

I am so thankful that I am with (name here) or someone even better as of (date you alot to manifest their love). (Make sure you add the “or someone even better” to this as you may be destined for someone even better. You may not think there is anyone better out there, but trust me! You’ll thank me later!)

  • Have faith and be positive. If you take the above steps, you WILL draw that person into your life. I did it, and I know you can too. Just remember to stay positive and chase any negative thoughts away as soon as they appear. The LOA will pull towards you that what you think about most often…

Be patient and don’t give up. Manifesting love is one of the best things you can ask for. One day you’ll be surprised to wake up and have that person in your life, just like I did!

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