Six steps to feeling better about yourself

Life can be difficult, especially if things don’t feel like they are going your way.  I recently had someone ask:

I’m so negative about myself and I can stop it, nothing is helping, is there some magical way to fix this?”

Having suffered through several negative spots in my life, I thought posting my reply to her here might help others.  Here is what I told her:

It is natural to go through phases where you feel down. Everyone has felt this way at one time or another. The key is to pick yourself back up. In this, I have good and bad news.

First, the bad. There is no ‘magical’ way to fix your mind set. It’s there and no pill or potion will change that.

That being said, YOU can do something about it. Forget magic. You hold in your possession right now the keys that can help you get out of your funk. Here is what you must do:

  • Write. What has you feeling so down or has gotten you to where you are now? Contemplate this for a few moments and write down everything that comes to mind.
  • Question. Now that you have a list of things that are holding you down, think if any of these things have any relevance on your future. Nine times out of ten, past deeds are exactly that… in the past. Failures or not, you can learn from them instead of hurt from them.
  • Plan. After you complete steps one and two, it’s time to think about what you want for yourself or what you want to accomplish. If you want to improve your self-self confidence, follow my steps here: The ONE Trick to changing yourself for the better.
  • Visualize. The fastest way I know to achievement is to visualize. Close your eyes and imagine reaching your goal. How does it feel? How do you feel about yourself? If you want to smile, smile! Reaching your desires is great! Dwell on and remember this feeling.
  • Repeat. Once you know what you want and have a mental picture and feeling about it, visualize every day UNTIL you reach this goal.
  • Remain positive. My only word of caution here is to avoid negative thoughts. I know it can be hard to push them away, but they will chase your dreams away faster than you can blink. If you find that you are thinking negative, replace that thought with something positive… maybe about your pet or a family vacation memory.

I know it’s not easy to get over self doubt, but I’m positive that if I can do it (I had realllly bad self-esteem at one point!), I know you can do it!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need further assistance.

Good luck

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