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The Law of Attraction DOES Work!

There are so many people out there that aren’t sure if the Law of Attraction works.  I mean, I know that it can sound rather hoke to someone that is unfamiliar with its workings, right?  “Just think of what you want and it will materialize?”  Well, if you put it that way it can sound like a bunch of BS.

A friend of mine, Amber, recently had the LOA pay off for her.

Amber had an aging car (it was 17-years old to be exact) and was having typical issues associated with a vehicle of an advanced age.  Tired of the check engine light being on, the hot smell from the engine, and etc, she asked me for advice on the Law of Attraction.  I had her take out a piece of paper and write down the following:

  • Exactly what she wanted
  • When she wanted it by

Not many people know exactly what they want if you ask them and Amber was no different.  She only knew she wanted a low-mile SUV with a 3rd row and leather.  So she set about doing some research and settled on a particular vehicle, color, make, model, and all.  Her goal date was July 1st, 2018 (it was March 1st when she made her list).

Once Amber knew what she wanted and when she wanted it, I told her to think about this vehicle as often as possible – what it would feel like to drive it, the new car smell, having more room.  If she did this and thought of the car without worry of its lack, it would come into her life easier than she ever thought it could.

Note: I said without worry in the above sentence.  This is a MUST.  You cannot think of what you want with worry attached to it as it will not come to you if you do.  You’ll attract the lack of instead.  Relax instead.  Be open to possibilities as they present themselves.

So Amber thought of her car every day just ask I asked.  Sunday, the 15th of April, she texted me a photo of the car she wanted followed by another text that simply read “it’s mine!”  Of course, I had to call her for the details.

She told me that when she came home from work in Friday the 13th, her husband said that he’d received a raise and that he had a crazy idea… that they should go buy a car.  He’d seen a cheaper version of what she wanted and thought maybe it could work.  (it didn’t have leather).

Amber said that she knew something was at work, so she went along with it.

The thing is, she didn’t know how she would get the car she had set her eyes upon.  Due to unfortunate events, her credit wasn’t as good as it had been two years ago and she wasn’t sure what type of horrible interest rate they’d get.  However, she put faith in the LOA and went for it anyway because the dealership that had the car her husband was talking about ALSO had a car just like she wanted but was 10k more.

The next day, they visited the dealership.

Amber came prepared to leave with the car she wanted.  She brought every possible thing she thought the dealership would need, even the title to her old car so she could trade it in without hassle.  In fact, she even went as far as getting an insurance quote for the new car!

When the salesman asked which car they should submit financials for, Amber’s husband wanted to say the lower of the two cars, but Amber suggested the car she wanted.  It wouldn’t hurt to try, right?  He agreed.

An hour later, Amber and her husband left the dealership with the car Amber wanted.  The payments were $100 less than their max budget, they had to put nothing down, and they got an interest rate 6% less than what Amber’s husband had thought they’d get!

If you want the Law of Attraction to work for you, you must:

  • Detail exactly what it is you want
  • Think of that one thing as often as you can.  You will become or receive that which you think about all day long.
  • Feel like you have it.  What will feel like once it is yours?
  • Visualize that one thing without worry or doubt
  • Prepare for it, just like Amber did!  Take that extra step and get ready to receive!

If you’ve never worked with the Law of Attraction and have doubts… give it a shot anyway.  You’ve nothing to lose, right?  You’ll be amazed how it seems that everything just falls into place, just as it did for my friend Amber.  🙂

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